Celia Residence

    Celia Residence



    Handover Year: Q4 2024

    G + 4 Floor Residential Building

    AED 75 Million Project

    44,562.59 Sqft Plot Area

    Total Units: 111 Apartments

    Studio: 64 Units

    1 Bedroom: 39 Units

    2 Bedroom: 8 Units

    Celia Residence- a testament to modern living in the heart of Dubai Studio City. Celia, a name of Latin origin signifying “heaven’ or “paradise”, embodies the essence of this unique residential development. A four-storey residence that majestically stands as a celestial dwelling in a dynamic urban landscape.

    At Celia Residence, we’re more than just a home. We’re a lifestyle, a community, and your personal paradise. Welcome home.

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    Abou Eid
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